Sunday, February 27, 2011


Hey lovers.
Landscape view of Orvieto. Another medieval town.

St. Patrick's well. Not because he went there or anything but because they took the name from the Irish cave where St. Patrick used to pray.

It's pretty clever. The well is constructed to have a double helix design so that one is for going up and the other for going down so that the never intersect. Kind of sparks ideas for project designs.

Rosemary bushes. Being a poor college student, I made sure to grab some before leaving. Now if only there was sage...

Underground city, nbd.

There were at least three kittens running around. Literally kittens- they were all babies! I jumped in front of this one and snapped a shot.

The wind was unforgiving.

After-lunch treat.

VERY slightly edited (highlights in the sky outlining her face, dramatization of the light). But that's a part of the art, yes?

New goods. A Plastichic watch and Murano glass bracelet. I'm also def looking into glass-working?

Fried rice.

I realized, since I had rice I hadn't cooked since the first week of being here, and I had veggies and seasonings, I could cook fried rice. Best. Ever. It felt just like home and I ate the whole plateful. I only needed scallions to make it perfect. And meat that wasn't baloney. But beggars can't be choosers.

And believe me, I'm a beggar.

This weekend is the Parma/Modena cheese tour. YES. So into that. Wherever food is involved, count me in.

I'm terrible.


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