Friday, February 18, 2011

Eat, Eat, Eat. And Eat some more.

Hello lovers.

And hello tiramisu.

This is the Fleur de lis; Florence's symbol. And their color is purple. Best place ever?

Recipe! (Mostly for my future reference)

It was very easy. I used a basic recipe; I wanna try something more complicated when I get home and can actually find/read the ingredients in the store.

Devyn and I have been talking about making tiramisu since we got here. I've always wanted to try it at home but I never got around to it; mostly because I never felt like spending the money. Somehow it was easier here, considering I had to buy my own food anyway.

All you need- a class-provided apron, wooden spoon, and jug o' Bailey's.

I made a stencil and used it to dust white powdered sugar on top.

We made it before we left for dinner and let it set. Bailey's is DELICIOUS by the way. Too delicious.

Since before I left for Italy, I was craving a burger. It didn't make it any better that there were next to no burgers on any menus (pastas and pizzas, duh). But there was one American place to eat- there was The Diner. AMAZING. I walked in and almost melted- the smells alone were stupefying. I wanted to eat what I was smelling.

So I ordered myself a good old-fashioned bacon burger. I was nearly in tears of happiness. While we ate our 3 bacon cheeseburgers with cheddar cheese (which is literally impossible to find anywhere else here), the table was almost dead silent, save for the typical American Blink 182 playing in the background.

Oh, and complimentary mimosas during happy hour (4pm-8pm)? Please and thank you.

The Diner was decorated adorably- pink and orange walls (one of my favorite color combinations, if you add yellow) with hanging seashell decor. Tacky red lights were strung up by the front door and flashed every so often.

I was in American heaven.

After finishing the burger, my stomach wanted to love and hate me at the same time. It was so wonderfully satisfying but I thought I was going to explode.

We came home; I let my stomach settle for a bit.

Then for the tiramisu.

What a great day for food.

I've pretty much played out the Italy part of Eat, Pray, Love.



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