Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pre-Spring Break

Hey lovers.

I didn't update before I left, so I have a world of pictures to do. Meaning, I probably won't get to it all until mid-week.

A week before we left for spring break, a bunch of the girls went to Viareggio for the carnivale. Unfortunately, it rained terribly. But regardless, it was definitely an experience and still fun.

Just a little reminder of why Johnna has to visit us in Maryland/D.C. next year.

Terrible winds.


My gang.

Post-midterm (which I'm sure I failed because I had no idea what Tomasso wanted us to study), we made a lemon-cake dessert with fruit pureé. SO amazing. I needed fruit. But this still wasn't enough. My fruit cravings were to be satisfied on break.

Happy birthday Italy!

Drunken chips/salsa (minus me being drunk)

AMAZING trio that plays at the Piazza del Repubblica. I literally could have listened to them all day.

Weird-ass potatoes.


Monday, March 14, 2011

Players, Piazza Parties, Playdates, and Pizzas.

Hey lovers.

The Fiorentina v. Catania (town in Sicily) game was last Sunday. It was MAD fun. Granted, Johnna and I spent the whole time talking about hot guys and sports and hot sports and t.v. shows and so on...

Giant carton of milk? Yes please, and thank you. I'm into that.

Feisty Italian sports fans.
Oh. We won.

Dinner with my girrrrl Johnna.

Picnic up at the Piazza del Michelangelo!

This is my curse... I can never choose between 2 VERY slightly different photographs.

When I said picnic, I meant milk and cookies.

B-e-a-utiful. I'm going to miss this ridiculously. I can't wait to go back up like every day when it's nicer out.

Some medieval hangin' at Elise, Johnna, and Leslie's.

Medieval grilled cheese.

Medieval oven (WHICH IS WAY TOO SMALL but at least they have one!)

Window view of the Palazzo Vecchio.

Devyn's best friend from home, Jordan, came to visit her for almost a week. It's been great having her here, she's such a sweetheart!

We all had Gusta Pizza. Finally. I've heard so much about it. It's literally right down the street and I didn't have it until this past weekend. The bread was delicious- I think that's what made it amazing. Its oven-baked and I think they put salt or sugar on the bread before the sauce was put on.


Firenze Classroom Settings.

Hey lovers.

For photography class, we went to the Bardnini Gardens (also connected to the Boboli Gardens and some other garden that I'll get to within the last couple of weeks here).

I hate how much saturation I lose uploading photos through Blogger.

We took a whole roll (VERY difficult for me with film because I'm just naturally stingy).

And then the next day, with Tomasso! <3 style="font-weight: bold;">Lasagnetta alle Melanzane, Quartirolo e Basilico.

Water pitchers

Contemporary lasagna. It's contemporary in the way that this is a totally different utilization of the lasagna format. Rather than being flat and layered with cooked tomato sauce, this is rolled up with vegetables like taquitos and placed on fresh tomato sauce (uncooked, but pureéd and saturated with extra virgin olive oil).

It was delicious, light, and beautifully colorful.

Recipe to follow soon, when I'm not supposed to be studying for midterms.

But as a parenthesis... I found this while randomly googling. I googled my street name here and found a photo of some delicious-looking ravioli. The ravioli is served in Quatro Leoni, a restaurant that is 8 steps to the left from my front door. It's a pear ravioli. That's all I needed to hear. But I kept researching to find that this restaurant used to be a brothel? Uhmmm cool? No sarcasm, seriously.

via behindtheburner

"Quatro Leoni's pear ravioli, or Fiocchetti di Pera in Salsa di Taleggio e Asparagi, as read on the menu, is truly out of this world (or just out of the United States). The delicious Italian taleggio cheese gives off a rich flavor with a fruity component that balances perfectly with the pear pasta. Topped with seasoned asparagus and loaded with fresh grated Parmesan, each bite of the ravioli bursts with pear sweetness and creamy cheese. The dish is yet another reminder of why Italy exceeds in the culinary world."