Monday, March 7, 2011

Group Dinners.

This is what I get for being terrible at keeping up with posts. A bombardment of posts.

Hey lovers.

Last Wednesday, Elise, Leslie and Johnna threw a dinner party which turned out extremely successfully! Everyone brought a little something, so there was a LOT of food. I was SO full. Which meant I was SO happy. :)

Look at our little house mother :)

Baby burger (with italian bread), fried rice, saute├ęd 'shrooms, salad, fruit salad, peas, pasta, and salami + cheese + crackers.

Makeshift vase (old wine bottle) for fake flowers. And recycled sauce-jars for candle holders (plus one Nutella jar/cup).

Two kinds of wine, two kinds of glasses. Nutella glass and cappuccino cup. WOO roughin' it.

And for dessert, cookies! One homemade (peanut butter!!!) and two store bought.

Sassy Sarah?

Family picture!
Only 5 bottles of wine??

Then Sarah and I were trying to have dinner together a few weeks ago haha and we finally got together, with Lauren, Kat and Devyn to join.

Sandwiches (avocado, tomato, cheese, and onion?)! And fried rice.



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