Monday, March 7, 2011

Yessss, Tomass'.

Hey lovers.

The Oil Shoppe. Apparently this is one of the best "fast food" places. It was pretty good but it wasn't ridiculously amazing. I think I still loved The Diner better. But probably just because I love burgers way more than I should.

Gelato Man! aka Antica Gelateria Firenze. Something like that. Ambrosia and some peanut butter/chocolate mix.

Round 2. I don't have any idea what I got this time, but it was only €1.

Now here's our tre gusti per un dolce demo.

Coffee bavarian cream, chocolate mousse, and creme brulé on a chocolate biscuit.

The creme brulé was the absolute best. It was delicious all on its own. I can't wait to go home and make pans and pans of creme brulé!

Angel hair caramel

Choco biscuit. A little thick but perfect for a biscuit. I'm more of a cake/brownie girl.

I can't tell you how much I love my cooking class. I can't wait to get back to the States to try to find a job in some bakery or something! It never occurred to me that maybe I could try grocery stores. I really could care less if the people I work with are terrible people- I just think this would be an absolute dream because I LOVE doing it, and I'd like to think I do relatively good at baked goods. I just need more practice and refining. Unfortunately, I can't practice here because that would eat up my money.

I love having this experience of such esteemed culinary arts here in Italy. This, along with being able to travel wherever the hell I want, being surrounded and inspired by SO much art and meeting such wonderful people has encompassed everything I wanted out of this experience so far.

Went to the Firenze-style garage sale with Elise after cooking class. LOTS of Italian junk, but pretty junk that I wish I could take home with me.


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