Monday, March 14, 2011

Beware, Vegetarians.

Hey lovers.

This is the prosciutto part of that day.

Basically, this factory was rows and rows of salted, preserved pig legs. In something like 9 months, the piglets are fattened up to 300 pounds. Or something like that. Sorry.

Oy, I didn't really feel terribly guilty about prosciutto until I got here.

But it was too delicious, even if it was the weird leftovers of the pig on that bread.

Red wine, cause it wasn't ISA hosted!

Endless pasta!

Before leaving Parma.

This is the balsamic vinegar vineyards in Modena. It's this cute, classy little house that houses barrels and barrels of balsamic vinegar harvested every year and left to ferment for years and years. Our guide/owner of the vineyards had this beautiful accent. She rolled her r's to the max and was the classic old-town young Italian woman.

Traditional balsamic vinegar is another D.O.P. product (see previous Parmigiano-Reggiano post) so there are strict regulations on the process. Basically, it must pass a taste-test and has to be fermented at least 12 years for the yellow label (around €40ish) and 25 years for the gold label (around €75). There were several other kinds that weren't as strict (and were cheaper) such as orange and apple balsamic vinegar. I got the apple, and Elise got the orange right below for her family. We got to taste them all.

Risotto rice dinner!

Cooking with wine.... that isn't cooking wine... but close enough.

Apple vinegar on my potatoes?

I tried the vinegar on pears and bananas because they're well-intended for fruits. It's DELICIOUS. It can also go on ice cream. So, when we get back from spring break, Elise is going to buy ice cream and she, Johnna, and I are going to have a fort-building, apple-vinegar topped ice cream, movie watching, medieval sleepover complete with invitations, hair-braiding, and pillow fights. Or something like that.

Ahhh, college life in Florence.


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