Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Assisi, Sissy!

Hey lovers.

Since I failed to keep up with my posts, I have to separate these into about 3 posts so that it's not overloaded.

Assisi was beautiful.

The landscapes were completely unreal. I really didn't feel like I was there; it almost sucks because it was so unbelievable that... well, I could hardly believe it.

Sarah, Devyn, Ashley T., Ariel, Ashley H., and myself.

Basilica of San Francesco.

This is another great example of the beautiful landscape. Alex said it just looks like any other googled image because it just looks so perfect.

Sarah and I! We've planned on where we're going for spring break; Barcelona and Sicily with Haven and Kat!!!!!!! SSDFJHKSDJFH

Crazy pasta I cooked for myself that night.

I have such an addiction to crazy pasta.

Minestrone veggies, crazy pasta, red sauce, and ricotta cheese.


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