Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hey lovers.

Tickets to Milan for Design Week!!!!!!!!

Ceramics progress. It's lumpy, it's odd shaped, it's not completely symmetrical, the spout is too long, and I'm pretty sure it's gonna come up with a shitton of cracks. But I'm so proud :)

I have so much respect for ceramics people. I cannot do this to save my life; I was so frustrated- I made it in 2 parts and ended up destroying the second part to start over hahah. But I'm proud, I stuck it through after about 9ish hours (2 days)!

Lecture room (we're never in there)

Ceramics studio

Some installment in the art building.

Every so often, the shoe will start spinning and the shirt in the back will start moving when the fan turns on. Usually, Michael Jackson plays but I think it got really irritating after the first day so it was turned off.

Wine and cookies with Elise?

The recipe! Feel free to steal and share :)


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