Thursday, February 24, 2011

Cintolesi Ravioli!

Hey lovers.

Ravioli verdi di verdure con salsa di pomodoro.
Or basically, green ravioli (spinach) with sauteed vegetables and tomato sauce.

Makin that dough

There's my man Tomasso Cintolesi. Is it awkward how much I love him?

SO beautiful.

We had a ridiculous amount of dough left over, so me being the poor Firenze student I am, I wrapped it up and took it home to do something with it. I tried making ravioli but I didn't have flour to dip it in and I didn't have a pasta machine to roll it out. So I rolled it up into balls and cut it in half, and made my own sauce. Poor man's gnocchi.

I finally decided to be a big spender and graduated to €4,95 wine as opposed to €2,00 wine. hahahah that €2,45 makes a huge difference. This was delicious.

The recipe for the ravioli will be up shortly once I write it down. Tonight, I'm taking a nap before we go bar hopping/clubbing and tomorrow is the Uffizi museum tour and a full 3-course cooking day with the ladies (and 2 gents) of ISA.

Also... met our landlord today, uhhh hahah all I can say is, he can come check our gas levels anytime he wants. First overwhelmingly attractive Italian male since I've been here. wooooooo


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