Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Eats. What Else?

Hey lovers.

Cooking class! We made passatina di ceci con camberi. Chickpea purée with shrimp. SO GOOD. The rosemary and garlic cooked in olive oil made such simple ingredients so delicious.

I LOVE my teacher. He's so awesome. He's been a chef for 20-some years. Chef Cintolesi (Chin-tol-ess-ee). He started in a little trattoria here in Firenze, then went around and went to France for a long time. Now he's back in Florence and is teaching at FUA's Apicius and cooking at some hugely expensive ristorante around here.

He has a daughter and a wife. Since he can't wear his ring (or maybe he doesn't want to lose it), he has his wedding ring tattooed on. He has a thick accent, says "slowly slowly slowly" a lot but talks very quickly, and randomly goes off in Italian. He knows French, Italian, and English. He's a big jolly man, talks with hand motions a lot, and loves thick pasta for hearty meaty meals. And he loves grilled t-bone steak.

His wife and daughter made these keychains for us :) (the corks). And that's the key to my apartment. HUGE

Don't judge me, I'm using any container as tupperwear. And that's my olive oil! Took forever to figure out how to put that cappy thing on.

My wine.

The end! Proscuitto tortellini, steamed veggies, basil leaves, fresh tomatoes, and ricotta cheese. They're probably not all supposed to go together because there was another herb in the steamed veggies but it tasted delish anyway. I stepped it up from €2 wine to €3 wine. Getting classyyyyy


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  1. soooo, You're cooking for us when you get back right? <3