Friday, February 18, 2011

"I like songs about drifters"

Hey lovers.

Banana dipped in Nutella, DUH.

Pan-fried potatoes for the chickpea recipe I posted earlier. First run.

It turned out alright...

Sunday Carnivale parade!

Something about this evening was beautiful. (Other than being in Florence)

First prints from Photo class!!!

BOOKED FOR IRELAND! April 8th-10th, coming back 8AM on the 11th before my 9AM class. :)

Cooking class field trip!

Crema de Grom and Extranoir Ciocolatto!

Chef Tommaso Cintolesi prepping us for the gustation of Grom's Gelato- best in Italy!

Olive oil dip with whole wheat bread, and a little brie and pesto sauce in the back (with my huge jug of water, of course.

Roomies ;)
Wide eyes.

New bag, new dress, new jacket. All for €39. The purse was from H&M and the jacket and dress were from Promod, this SICK new store that I am completely in love with. I hope they have one in the States.

This past Wednesday, I went on a field trip with my cooking class. We walked around the San Lorenzo market which included the food market (as opposed to the leather market) and it was AWESOME. I would have taken pictures but I needed to take notes.

Then afterwards, we went to the gelateria, Grom. It was DELICIOUS. The best. So ridiculously creamy. I know that gelato melts in your mouth but this was a different kind of melting- it was uplifting. I'm definitely going back. It was a part of our lab fee so we didn't have to pay for it. Although it was well worth more than €2,00.

I love my chef :)

Also... My roommates and I booked our flight to Ireland!!!!!!!

Anyone who has known me at all knows how much I've been dying to go to Ireland!! I LOVE the accent; it's musical to me. Since I've been in 5th grade, I've had an obsession with voices (and the piano) and accents are like different genres of voices. It explains my love for late night radio because I loved listening to George, Dr. Drew Pinsky, and Adam Carolla.

In any event, when I was watching Sons of Anarchy this past semester (when Jax had to go to Belfast to find Abel), it never occurred to me that I would be able to see Ireland. The accents were beautiful; I'm going to watch it again just for the hell of it :) I cannot wait. I heard Ireland was beautiful. Where we're staying is near the water so I have a lot of photo opportunities. Also, we'll be right in the middle of town. I can't wait to see the scenery (nature or otherwise)! Not to mention the extremely attractive Irelanders :)

We're leaving Friday evening and getting there at 7:40ish. We'll be there Friday night, Saturday night, and leaving Sunday night. I have a class Monday morning so we couldn't stay an extra day, and the trains don't run past 10 (we'll be getting in at 11) so we have to stay in Pisa since we're flying in and out from there. We found a nice hostel for €9, so we'll be there and at 7AM, we'll leave Pisa for Florence and get back at about 8AM. Then I have to run home and run to classes by 9AM. Just getting back from Ireland; no big deal :) I LOVE THIS. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH.

Ahhh I think I'm going to flip!!! When I was booking the flight, I was bouncing off the walls! From now until then, we're going to be very busy. Tomorrow we're going to Assisi. :)

And on that note, I best go to sleep.


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