Sunday, February 6, 2011

A L'il Pisa-Italy.

Helloooooooooo Pisa!

Gyro lunch with Sarah! aka a kebap in Italy


chillaxin in the great grass... it was SO warm


Hug for Pisa!!! (my best work ;) )

Hot Australian ginger with a hot accent?


Dinnerrrrr. Ground beef, Tortiglioni pasta, and red saucee

CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL at Piazza Santa Croce (pronounced "cro-chey")

Chocolate gyro/kebap?

Weed chocolate?
Chocolate vodka.

Some parade for Florence's month-long carnivale?

Got one.
Got another.

BEST CHOCOLATE/€4 SPENT EVER (option+shift-2)

As for the chocolate... I've NEVER seen so much chocolate in my life. It was overwhelming. I'm not a huge chocolate fan (only of dark chocolate, in low moderation) but this was more of an art show of chocolate in every sense of the word. It was sculptural (think molds... funny that the Casting class has begun) and it was a demonstration of the culinary arts.

I got tiramisu and Irish coffee chocolate cups. DELICIOUS. The Irish Coffee was very strong with the coffee taste but I loved it. And the tiramisu had white chocolate on top which I didn't love but the rest of it was so... succulent? This reminds me, I need to get ingredients to make tiramisu for the roomies and I need to get more Italian coffee.

Italian coffee is not bitter at all. It tastes delicious. I'm gonna get some coffee for my dad before I go back. It's so different and it is amazing. I would be addicted to coffee if I lived here. At home, I only drink it for the caffeine but here, I would drink it because it is amazing.

DELISH dinner with the lovely roomie Devyn!!!
Ravioli (spinach/cheese filled) and pesto sauce with fresh tomatoes!

MORE BUENO BUENO BUENO and another sweet roll with a glass of chardonnay. Yummy?

Space. 10 dollar cover charge to dance with all of the most aggressive and creepy men in all of Italy. Not into it.

The club (aka discoteque) was the typical gross club. It sounds clich├ęd but I just wanted to dance alone for awhile. I was not left alone. The men were relentless and were like animals. I would just be standing there and then somebody would grab me from behind and start dancing. I'd try to walk away but they would follow me until I pushed them off or until a friend did. I really don't want to go back there again. 21 was better; less people were animalistic. But maybe that's because Johnna was protecting me hahah with her death stare at any guys that came around. In the end, I gave up haha.

This has almost become a food blog. In fact I think this should qualify it as a food blog.

Anyways, Pisa was AMAZING. I loved it. The day was so lovely too. It was warm and people were out and about, and the streets were more open unlike Florence's sometimes-claustrophobic mazes. I felt so much more relaxed at Pisa because there were hardly any cars once you left the train station square. A lot of people say that all there is to do is to take pictures but there's also some GORGEOUS architecture;


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