Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Boulevards, birthdays, and bites.

Hey lovers.

Hit this for more.
Elise in her design studio. The studio is GORGEOUS.

The thing I love about this place is that every place looks so beautifully designed. Its a combination of the modern and the classic decor/architecture. And it works; it's not tacky. It fits.

Waffle-cookie with melted Nutella!!! 3,50 Euro but so worth it. We shared! It was Elise's 21st birthday!

On the Ponte Vecchio!

Dinner with my girllll at Finisterrae - a Mediterranean restaurant.

Cous-cous, chicken and some sauce. SO SO SO GOOD. I REALLY wish I had gotten the name of it. But I think eventually we're going back. It was expensive-ish but it was Elise's birthday!

Fried brie in sesame over arugula!

Elise's rare steak with picked artichoke. Yumyums.

Lamps we were into.
Cannoli! Delishhh and not too sweet!


Breakfast mocaccino!

Breakfast salami and ricotta. Weird combo but sooo good

My first day of cooking :) LOVE it. We made pasta from scratch!! I am in love with the class and the pro-chef-fer.

Walking home from class.

As per request by Jan... Amo vivere! Which should mean "I love to live."
And to satisfy myself; j'aime de la nourriture. Non, J'ADORE.


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