Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Food and School. What else?

Lunchtime. Pasta and curry sauce (ehh not so great)

From the first day of ceramics. I didn't get to see the teacher's example so I didn't get to finish :(

Coil machine

€25 worth of groceries... SCORE. Thank you for adapting the American super-market mentality, Conad.
  • Bananas
  • Integrali (whole wheat) spaghetti
  • Balconi Sweet Roll (CHOCOLATE!)
  • Brie
  • Ricotta cheese
  • Salami
  • Some kind of sliced cheese?
  • Fiocchi cereal
  • Fette Biscottate
  • Loaf of bread (90 cents)
  • Crappy sauce
  • Olive Oil
The interesting thing that we've all learned about buying sauces is that its hard to find sauces with anything in them. They're basically all just tomato sauce/juice, without any spices or beef or veggies in them like in the states. Italians add their own spices and such. It's annoying hahah. I have to walk awhile to get to the grocery store with the sauces I want. The only one around is this really sketch supermarket named Supermarket run by Indians whose prices are ridiculously insane because they're taking advantage of kids like us who have no idea where to find a grocery store here.

Necessary. So fresh.
Even more necessary.
Brie is very different in Italy. It tastes a bit more... sour? I'm not sure if I like it more or not. At the moment I like US brie but this is beginning to grow on me.

Conad is our supermarket- EVERYTHING is a ridiculous amount cheaper. And you can find just about anything you'll need. The other little grocery stores have a very small selection. Their selection is basically as big as the States' Dollar Tree food section.

Tuesday morning breakfast (left to right): Italian cereal (Fiocchi- kinda like Special K- rolled oats) with Nutella, Fette Biscottate Integrali (literally, sliced whole wheat biscuits/biscotti) with Nutella, Fette Biscottate Integrali with brie and jam, a glass of wine, and a mug of coffee. Hellooooo Italy.

DARKROOM!!!!!!! So beautiful.

After-school lunch... This is actually the first time I had spaghetti since I've been here.


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