Sunday, April 17, 2011

Cinque Terre - Part 2.

Hey lovers.

So, early morning. Reaaal early. Well, it only felt really early because the morning was misty and softly lit through the clouds. And of course I needed a massive cappuccino.

The other girls went off on their own which worked out better in the long run because it's so much easier to travel in smaller groups in certain situations. And we got to do everything we wanted to! We hit up the first two towns but missed the last one... which was funny because it was the one we wanted to visit the most but I figure they're all rather similar, though it's not to say that each town has its own special characteristic.

We set off on the first ferry ride around 10AM, and rode it all the way to Riomaggiore. The ride was beautiful, even in the morning fog. It was rather chilly to start but the sky would clear up by the time we left the first town.

Cinque Terre (literally, 5 lands) is all along the coastline of the Ligurian region. Pesto originated from the region so you can find yourself specialty pesto bottled/jar-ed up to take home. Which means of COURSE I have to go back and get some for my sister and for myself. For the day, we hit Riomaggiore from the ferry, and took the trains through Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza, and then Monterosso in that order.

The colors of the buildings were gorgeous. I loved the green shutters- they were a great accent to every color used in the towns. I did a little research to find that someone was commissioned especially to choose the colors.

Some kids riding a little bike around. It was HILARIOUS watching them because they showed absolutely no emotion riding it but it looked fun as shit hahah

Art is plastered everywhere- the ceramic squares above, the ceramic mosaics, and the rock mosaics (not picture).

Riding the top of the train to the next town- Manarola.

The sun came out strong at this point. We decided to skip Corniglia because 1, we heard it wasn't as fun and two, we wanted to catch the sun on the beach.

Leaving Manarola.

We made our way back to Monterosso.

And of course, I couldn't just lay down, so I resorted to obsessively searching for sea glass. It's a beautiful thing to get out of something that isn't degradable and will forever lie in the beaches. The rocks are the best environment for the glass because the rocks are larger and erode in a different way than the glass. Rocks carry the glass differently, also. My favorite is the turquoise piece.

Guess who's making a shitton of jewelry when she gets back?

The evening began to set in, which meant it was just about time to go home. We grew tired from the long (but very successful) day of adventuring.

A ride home in a train with reserved rooms :)

We ended the perfect weekend in a perfect way- with a cone of gelato that Kat treated me to. :)

Round 2 of Cinque Terre- coming up in 2 weeks!


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