Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boboli Date!

Hey lovers.

One day (March 31st), Johnna and I decided to go to Boboli Gardens since neither of us had been there... and I really should have already, considering it's a 3 minute walk from my apartment. BARELY 3 minutes. There are still so many things I need to do before I leave- which is how this came up. We were just going to explore but we decided on Boboli in particular. And tomorrow, Haven and Kat and I are going to explore my side of the river since I haven't really done that yet... maybe... it's supposed to rain :(

We were at my apartment... before leaving, Johnna had to get this. :) unBEARable OHOHOOOOOOO. You can definitely tell the difference between her style and my style of photos, so she gets proper credit. :)

On the way there, we were walking by a restaurant with tables upon tables set up outside in the Piazza della Signoria. And passed this ADORABLE little girl whose parents dressed her up as an elephant. Too great.

On the Ponte Vecchio. Johnna started taking pictures of the city itself. I haven't done that at all yet and I suppose its about time since it's getting more beautiful outside and there are so many things I should have as a record for myself, considering I've lived here.

When we walked into Boboli, we walked up this long ramp whose end actually was the beginning of a hill that leads you to high heights overlooking the city. We passed these gems along the way. :) The baby in pink was scooting its butt off the grass. TOO cute.

Snack time!

It was gorgeous. It was almost hot. In fact, it was. I was wearing a sweater, pants and boots. We planned to go back in dresses so that we could take proper warm-weather pictures. I just have to make sure to take my allergy medicine because holy shit, I was in hell by the end of that day. Itchy eyes, runny nose- all that junk.


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