Thursday, May 5, 2011

Siena (Take 2) and So On.

Hey lovers.

Well we all loved Siena so much that we decided to go for round 2. It was hugely successful. I got my patch, I got Damon's gift, I got Anna's gift, I got Ricarelli cookies, and it was a sunny day (for the most part).

It took so much to find the city center- I took a picture of the googlemaps on my camera because we didn't want to buy one. The train station was all the way at the northern part of the city so we took a windy way down. Time consuming, but we saw a lot of sights.

A li'l lunchy-lunch.


While we sat there for our lunch, this couple was walking through, presumably to a church to get married, and they had someone take pictures for them. BEAUTIFUL.

A li'l dance.

And to get back...

This whole week, Johnna's family had come to visit. They were in Venice and other little towns in Italy while I spent the weekend with Kat and Haven. When they came back, they invited me out for dinner, which I VERY gratefully accepted.

And we went to Quattro Leoni! And I got my pear pasta :)

And pear cake. OH my GOSH it was so delicious. It was very warm, the top was crispy and the inside was moist and delicious, with chocolate on top.

A little kitchen experiment with candied kumquats. YUM

So this was something I got for Lindsey but since I wasn't sure if they would toss it or not at customs, I had to drink it.

I'm gonna miss Tomasso.

And Raimondo.

They're both ADORABLE.

So, on April 20th, the TRL awards for Italy came to Santa Croce. It almost seemed... blasphemous... having a huge concert literally on the steps of the church, with the bright lights coming out like it's suppose to be holy. Weirddd. It was cool just to go though. The Dragonettes were the only band I recognized.


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